Sunday, July 11, 2010

~Mathematics Club~

this program special for new student from
CS227, CS228, CS229..
according to the notice that i know..
this program is called
@ shortly, we called it "PPW"
*aceceh, skipping nmpak~ aku mmg da buang karen da nie~*

*xpe..teruskan ber'skipping'~*
this program was successfully be done at
Taman Pertanian Malaysia, Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam..
it's a very, very interesting & idyllic place..
u dont believe it??
so..go n discover this place by urself now!! =p

sy bersama clasmet2~
eh!! silap2..tersyasyul plak~
my classmate n i..hehe~

group for the day..
group 14~
we got green!!
juz for our symbol of the group~
go go green!! =p

on that exciting day..
we have to do tresure hunt~
*kteowg nie tresure la sgt*

very nice because we have to settle the
IQ questions at every check point..

although it's quite tired..
but we all happy2 ever after!!

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