Wednesday, December 28, 2011

report terbaik!

Asaalamualaikum.. ^^

dis is my first program that i handle overall..
as pengarah program..
as everything..
and for sure i have to become setiausaha also..
oh crap~

but, nevamind..
i learn sumthing interesting when doing this report..

look, the result-->

did you see the helmet?
yeah, without lesen motor i still can drive my kawan punya motor ikot suka rasa i la kan..

usually, i bawak motor kat kg i, agak mencabar jgk bila i dpt bawak motor kat tengah2 jalan Shah Alam yg byk makhluk bergerak kat atas jalan tu an..pergh, terbaik lah!

experience teachs me how to be strong and settle down the things that u are suppose to do it..

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