Saturday, December 17, 2011

diskusi forum


it's saturday!!
and it's holiday.. ^^
but, make sure you use ur holiday time nicely ya!!

just be like me..
i don't like to waste my time..
so, let's prepare for the greater future.. ^^

let's have a discussion for forum presentation for subject HPD 117 with my groupmate at KFC sec7.. ^^

but before i discuss it, i call my MFA first..
se sweet of him..
♥ him also~

just try to be like a sweet girl from now on..
not like a macho girl anymore okay~
as he told me to do it.. ^^
he also want me to focus on study..
so that after i finished my study, i can get married with ehem2.. ^^

i'm going there with my roommate a.k.a my clasmet also..
Rozalia or nama comelnya Lia.. ^^

white and black boy..haha!!
Syazwan the black one..
and Hakim the white one..

i love to stare at Syazwan when he's talking becoz it's like a macho things!!
just see la..
banyak kan Dira kandid foto mamat ni..hehe~
dont worry, dia dah berpunya..
muda pd Dira setahun kot..

okay, focus on our forum presentation..
about violence and women abused..
haha, catch the criminal!!

good luck okay..!!

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