Monday, December 19, 2011

Calculus III


the hardest week in semester 3 just begin today..
the lask week before study week is the famous week for lecturer to make sure their students will complete all the quizzes, tests, assignments and so many 'best damn ever' things..

few hours left for the Calculus III second test..

look, what i've done!!

mind map again rite.. ^^
i'm enjoy to do it my dear..

sweetest couple key-chain..
two for me and two for him..

1. protect me & protect you
2. love & forever

when it comes together..
our heart will never ever will far apart..

♥ ... love is sweet... ♥

okay, belum pape lg mereka sudah gugur di medan perang..

penat sangat kot..

Dira mmg suka kandid foto org tengah lena dibuai mimpi..

okay, Dira da sweet mcm perempaun kan..

before the test..
i called him..
good luck wish from him makes me feel like i wanna reach the stars..
blink3!! ^^

after the test..
we enjoy!!
oh yeah~

let's have a dinner at Barra.. ^^

Lia always being shy2 meow~

here they come..
my lovely mee bandung and kopi o panas..
sedap sangat2 walaupun mee bandung 2 pedas nak mampus..
bedal lg kopi o panas..
mmg masyuuuk lah!!

he was so macho tonite..
becoz he talks gently and softly with me..

nice day ya!!
can't wait for ODE test tomorrow morning..


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