Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Middle Brain

no wonder if i'm always like to be in the middle..

sy menulis dgn tangan kanan..
bermain (hoki, batu seremban dll) dengan tangan kiri..

You are a middle brain dominant student!

You are open minded but not gullible about things or people. You may run into trouble making decisions sometimes, while your logical brain plays tug-of-war with your gut instinct. You enjoy the arts, but you could also do well in science and math. You appreciate the beauty of all things in life, and are well-rounded. Middle brain students would do well on The Apprentice, since they can have a strong mix of gut instinct and an appreciation for numbers. You would have a strong career in business, but you may not go that route; you may be more interested in studying the arts and sciences in college. You would be wise to read over the characteristics of left and right brain students and consider whether you fall into the traps of either type. For instance, extreme right brain dominant students can get too bogged down in thought, while extreme left brain students can be rigid in their views.

Characteristics of Right-Brain Students
  • You take notes but lose them. You may have a hard time keeping track of your research
  • You might have a hard time making up your mind
  • You are good with people
  • You don't fall for practical jokes as easily as some
  • You seem dreamy, but you're really deep in thought
  • People may have told you you're psychic
  • You like to write fiction, draw, or play music
  • You might be athletic
  • You like mystery stories
  • You take time to ponder and you think there are two sides to every story
  • You may lose track of time
  • You are spontaneous
  • You’re fun and witty
  • You may find it hard to follow verbal directions
  • You are unpredictable
  • You get lost
  • You are emotional
  • You don't like reading directions
  • You may listen to music while studying
  • You read lying down
  • You may be interested in “the unexplained”
  • You are philosophical

Your Classes
  • In history class, you enjoy the social aspects most. You like to explore the effects of things that happened in history. You like the essays, too.
  • You can do well in math class if you apply yourself, but you get bored doing long problems.
  • Science? Boring.
  • You do well in English class, especially when it comes to reading literature and writing essays about books. You also do well in creative writing assignments.
Advice for Right Brain Students
  • Choose to do personal essays
  • Watch your daydreaming—keep it under control
  • Let your imagination work for you in the arts
  • Let your intuition work for you in social situations
  • Let your deep thinking work for you during essay tests—but don’t ponder too long
  • Be creative with essays. You can use colorful language well
  • Use images and charts when you study
  • Write down directions
  • Try to be more organized!
  • Don’t be overly suspicious of others
  • Make outlines to organize your thoughts.
  • Choose fiction in reading assignments
  • Try to avoid teachers who lecture a lot; choose teachers who use activities
  • You tell stories well, so write some!
  • Put information into categories for better understanding
  • Avoid getting bogged down by thinking of all possibilities when answering questions
  • Finish things! You have so much talent, but you don’t always complete things. You have great instincts and survival skills. If you study hard, you might be a finalist on Survivor one day!

Characteristics of Left Brain Students
  • You probably work with a To-Do list
  • You like to be the critic in class
  • You're good at math or science
  • You are rational and logical
  • Your research is precise and well-documented
  • You set goals for yourself
  • You can interpret information well
  • Your room is orderly
  • You can answer questions spontaneously
  • You follow directions and you do read directions (unlike some people)
  • You aren't touchy-feely
  • You can listen to a long lecture without losing patience
  • You don’t let feelings get in your way
  • You like action movies
  • You read sitting up
  • Your words are precise
Your Classes
  • In history class, you are able to remember dates and processes.
  • In math class, you enjoy going through a long calculation.
  • You like the order of science.
  • In English class, you have a good understanding of grammar and sentence structure.
Advice for Left Brain Students
  • Study in a quiet room
  • You can do math but get impatient trying to explain it to someone who struggles—so don’t volunteer to be a tutor unless you know you have the patience
  • You like to lead in a study group, so go ahead and volunteer
  • Join a debate team or academic competition
  • Try to excel at the science fair. You can be a winner
  • Take advantage of your skills in math and science
  • Choose non-fiction reading
  • You prefer factual questions and assignments, as opposed to open-ended questions
  • You can organize your notes well, so you should
  • Keep your room organized
  • Don’t argue with the teacher too much
  • Choose to do analytical essays
  • Work alone when you have a choice. You get frustrated with others who “clown around”
  • Avoid “free thinking” teachers if they confuse you
  • Take more risks. Don’t be afraid to be creative
You might be a finalist on Jeopardy some day!

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