Thursday, November 17, 2011

Leo : astrology

Your Birth Date: 08/17/1990

Start Your Engine!

Sun Square Sun

November 15, 2011 to November 17, 2011

The graph for Sun Square Sun

That internal tension you're feeling could all too easily translate into an irresistible urge to: a) unceremoniously quit your job;
b) tell off that unappreciative fool you're seeing or
c) move to Sri Lanka (or anywhere you're sure no one knows your name). What to do? Try some exercise (mental or physical)!


Venus Sesquiquadrate Venus

November 17, 2011 to November 17, 2011

The graph for Venus Sesquiquadrate Venus

Remember back in grade school how the only acceptable way to get someone to notice you was to aggravate them? Pretend you're back there, and someone's recent behavior will finally make sense.


Mars Semisextile Venus

November 17, 2011 to November 20, 2011

The graph for Mars Semisextile Venus

It may have seemed like an awkward thing to say or do, but you made your point. Trust that, and refuse to think shoulda-woulda-coulda. What's the use?


Mercury Quincunx Mc

November 16, 2011 to November 19, 2011

The graph for Mercury Quincunx Mc

You've been treated unfairly, and you've had it. You're ready to rock on outta there -- after a few choice words to the responsible parties. Sure you're right? If so, rock on.

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